I might be feeling a little unstable tonight. Maybe I watched seven episodes off Buffy and cried while on my period. I also did a bunch of other cool shit today. My favorite human/ Michael always braids my hair and I get to jog with Otis the nicest pup. A nights sleep will do me good.


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Cher, 1978

Anonymous asked:
What are some good reads you'd recommend? :~)
  • Joan Didion’s Year of Magical Thinking
  • I am currently reading The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera
  • Omnivores Dilemma (if you’re into food and  non fiction) by Michael Pollan
  • Blankets is a good graphic Novel if you’ve never read one ..that’s by Craig Thompson
  • The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao is also really amazing and historically rich by Junot Diaz
  • Anything by Haruki Murakami 
  • There’s a good deal of Henry Miller that I like
  • for a children’s book I would recommend The Trumpet of the Swan or Ferdinand the Bull
  • The Pearl by John Stenbeck

Hope this helps you anon! I could definitely continue on with this list for ages, but those are some of my favorites!

Almost bought this shirt at AA today but decided side boob in windy sf is a bad bad idea

Art studios and work spaces of Japanese Artist Yoshitomo Nara 

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Yayoi Kusama

Here are are some pictures of Michael and I being really grungy, eating 28 oysters, climbing cupid’s bow, making Michael walk me home after I accidentally drank almost a whole bottle of the Sauvignon blanc at radius, book shopping annnnd MILES, my mom’s new beautiful puppy. I’m very tired and have been on edge today. Posting this to remind myself that life is gr8。